WHAT WE DOLegacy Protection Planning

Many entrepreneurs are great at making strategic plans for their business but few have an established plan for their business after they pass away. The attorneys at Nowlin Scott Law Firm will educate you on your options and work with you to execute a plan to protect the legacy you are working tirelessly to build.


TOGETHER WE WILLEstablish a plan

To keep your estate out of probate court, by executing wills, trusts, establishing guardians for your children, appoint a power of attorney for the different areas of your life, and establish a succession plan for your business. Our attorneys will assist you in implementing a plan that will provide specific instructions for your estate so that none of your loved ones are left guessing what your wishes are.

LEGACY PLANNING IS NOT JUST FORAccumulated large amounts of wealth

It is for anyone who wants to provide direction to their loved ones after they are gone which will provide comfort and ease stress. Nowlin Scott Law Firm’s experienced attorneys offer skilled and efficient legacy planning services for business owners and are eager to help you achieve your goals.