Nowlin Scott Law Firm is dedicated to providing effective and comprehensive solutions to support your new or existing businesses and individuals. We tailor our services to meet each client’s needs whether you are a start up or well established business.

Nowlin Scott Law Firm offers a broad range of transactional, advisory work, and litigation services for small business and individual needs. Our hard working attorneys advise on a multitude of legal issues, which range from Business Formation, Intellectual Property, Contracts and Agreement, Business Litigation, and Landlord/Tenant Disputes.

Starting a business, maintaining your business, and protecting your business is not something that you should expect to do alone or by trusting the internet.

Nowlin Scott Law Firm can help ease some of the pressure of protecting your business. With us as your small business attorneys we can ensure your business is structured, secured, and your business’ interests are protected.  Whether you’re a business, agency, individual, or innovator we are your business attorneys. 


We provide affordable advice for all your business’ legal needs. If you are interested in a legal consultation with our firm to determine how we can help you. Below you will find a few legal services that we offer, but the list is non-exhaustive.

Getting Started with Nowlin Scott Law Firm 

  1. It all starts with a friendly call. You may call or email us and tell us how we can start supporting your business. 
  2. One of our Attorneys will return your call or email and talk with you to find out more about your legal needs. If it is something we can help you with, we will schedule your 15 minute initial video chat consultation. We charge an initial consultation fee of $50. If you decide to let Nowlin Scott Law Firm join your team, this fee will be credited against your final, total fee. 
  3. You’ll attend the initial consultation, and we will discuss your matter. At the end of the consultation, we will quote you a flat fee for our work, and you can decide whether or not Nowlin Scott Law Firm is a good fit to join your team. If so, we’ll schedule another appointment or give you an estimated time in which your work will be completed. 


If you’re ready to talk more about protecting and supporting your business, click here. We look forward to meeting you.