Business Law

Forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC)  is a popular business entity type for entrepreneurs for several reasons. They are generally simple to form and offer the business owner personal protection from the actions of the business. However, these protections are “limited” and not all-encompassing.

Landlord Tenant Law

Service of Process in Evictions (Step I)

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, the eviction process was already difficult. Adding the pandemic and a new eviction moratorium every 30 days has made the process even more challenging.

Pandemic aside, the main culprit giving Landlords and attorneys headaches will always be the process of service. In this three step-guide we lay out how to properly serve a Tenant in an eviction proceeding. Step I describes how to properly serve a Notice to Terminate Tenancy on a Tenant.

Eviction 101: Illinois

Back to the basics! While coronavirus put a pause on evictions across the country it is important for Landlords and Tenants to understand the local and state requirements for an eviction proceeding. In this blog we plainly explain the basics of the eviction process in Illinois. Whether the process is started due to non-payment, criminal activity or the presence of a danger a danger to health and safety, you must be informed to protect your rights.

Illinois Eviction Moratorium and Exceptions Through January 09, 2021

Governor Pritzker has extended the temporary halt on evictions due to continued concerns about Coronavirus. We’ll explain who is protected under the moratorium and what exceptions exists to allow evictions to proceed.

Business Law

Employee Handbook Do’s and Don’ts

Congratulations! Your business is scaling and you are now enrolling others to help your business grow. With growth comes more responsibility and liability. One important resource to use when hiring employees is an employee handbook. It is an essential tool to help you set policy, stay compliant and remind your employees of your company’s purpose.

LLC vs. S-Corp

It is dangerously close to tax time! This means there is a ton of buzz around the ever present discussion of whether a company should elect to be an S-Corporation (S-Corp) or continue to be taxed as a Limited Liability Company (LLC).

Here, we discuss the foundational information you need to determine whether your business should elect to be an S-Corp.

Why form a Limited Liability Company (LLC)?

Is it difficult? No.  Does it require a little more work than a sole proprietorship? Yes.  We will explain the benefits of forming a LLC and why engaging with an attorney to do so is beneficial.

Trademark & Copyright Law

Justice Served on Bieber’s Justice Album

The Canadian singer’s sixth album titled, Justice (originally predicted by FX’s Atlanta), has found some controversy within week one of its release. The French Electro Duo known by the name Justice sent Justin Bieber a cease-and-desist letter claiming the pop star has infringed on their Trademark rights by using the duo’s trademarked “cross” logo. 

Importance of Trademark Clearance Searches

The latest news about the TikToker who used Gorilla Glue instead of Gorilla Snot Hair Gel on her hair has raised some questions about brand-building and Trademarks. To provide some answers, we look at why a trademark clearance search conducted by an experienced trademark attorney is one of the most essential components of brand-building and protection.

Trademarks Fee Increase

2021 has finally arrived! But with the new year brings increased USPTO and WIPO fees.

Here, we take the guess work out and break down the impact of the fee increases.

Trademarks 101: ® TM SM

Establishing a brand? Want to make sure others cannot imitate you and reduce the value of your brand?

Well, we’re taking it back to the basics! In Trademarks 101 we describe what a trademark is, why you need one, and the trademark process along with a few other key pieces of information.